Elizabeth Hess

Elizabeth Hess is a writer living in upstate New York. She covered art for the Village Voice for 15 years, gave dozens of lectures on the subject and wrote numerous catalogue essays. During this period, she also contributed articles to the Washington Post, New York Magazine, the New York Observer, Art in America, Art News and Ms. Magazine, among other publications. She is the co-author (with Barbara Ehrenreich and Gloria Jacobs) of ReMaking Love: The Feminization of Sex (Anchor Books) and Lost and Found: Dogs, Cats and Everyday Heroes at a County Animal Shelter (Harcourt Brace.) Over the past few decades, she has served on several board of directors, including Art for Animals, the Mayor’s Alliance for New York Animals, Animals and Society Institute, and the Columbia Greene Humane Society. She is currently writing a biography of Nim Chimpsky, a famous chimpanzee who was raised in a human family and taught American Sign Language as part of a study at Columbia University.

  1. Photo by Mary Beth Edelson
  2. Heresies Collective Meeting 3 by Mary Beth Edelson
  3. Heresies Collective Meeting 4 by Mary Beth Edelson
  4. Elizabeth Hess and Elizabeth Weatherford by Mary Beth Edelson