Lily Henderson

Lily Henderson has studied film and photography for the past eight years. In still and moving image, she is constantly intrigued by the intricate stillnesses and vulnerabilities of people in their surroundings. It is through this interest that Lily shapes her work.  Lily has been shooting for the last two years with a 24-p DV camera and is an expert at interviewing and at thinking and shooting on her feet on location.  Lily can frame a shot with great precision, holding the camera in many super-human positions and barely looking into the eyepiece or monitor.

Her films include: ASSOCIATE, an experimental short that looks into memory and personal associations with everyday objects (winner of Best Film in the 2004 Five College Film Festival); MARCH FOR WOMENS’ LIVES, a 16 mm short that focuses on the crowd ambience in The 2004 March for Women’s Lives held in Washington, D.C; and most recently, ELDERHOOD: REPORTS FROM AN UNKNOWN COUNTRY, a bittersweet feature-length documentary film that presents and explores the question: what does growing old mean?

In addition to working on her own films, Lily has collaborated on many other student films working as a Cinematographer, Assistant Director, Gaffer, Production Assistant, and Actor, most notably as Producer of FLOYD, directed by Vincent Tremblay. The film has been screened at many national film festivals including the 2005 Boston Underground Film Festival, and the Northampton Independent Film Festival (winner of Best Regional Film). In the summer of 2004, Lily produced topical news segments and was floor manager for Plum TV, then in its start-up phase in East Hampton, New York (also located in Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Vale, Colorado.)