Liz Ruben

Liz is a freelance cinematographer  who shoots across genres, formats and cultures with a particular interest in verite and the experimental narrative.  A risk taker who lives to unearth the extraordinary story she aims to capture the raw and often unnoticed, enchanting, visual worlds around us.

Liz collaborates with filmmakers, artists,  production companies,  ad agencies, corporations and media firms. During her dozen years as a filmmaker, she has worked throughout the US and overseas.  Her work has screened in film festivals such as Sundance, Slamdance, Seattle International as well as in museums and in art galleries in Amsterdam,  NYC and LA. She has worked on shows that have broadcast over a dozen syndicated networks.

Liz  grew  up  in the 70’s and 80’s sketching in her sketchbooks in  NY, which had a strong formative effect.  Her undergraduate work was in art history and psychology.  In her early 20’s, Liz migrated to San Francisco and fell in love with cinematography when she was watching hundreds of films working at the Bay Area International Film Festivals. In the early to mid 90’s, Liz began working in camera departments on indie film crews.  Liz then moved to Los Angeles and spent  a decade working on non-union and union camera and lighting crews. During that time, she earned an MFA in Cinematography at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In 2006, she moved her base back to her roots in New York where she freelances as a Cinematographer, Jr. Video Engineer, and teaches cinematography to undergraduates.

Liz aims to work on projects that find cultural intersections, push technical horizons, and cross political and social  boundaries.  Liz seeks holes in fences and if there aren’t any… no fence gets in the way.