Sue Heinemann

Sue Heinemann is a writer, artist, and editor living in Oakland, California. Her experience with Heresies led her to investigate women’s history and to write Timelines of American Women’s History (1996) and The New York Public Library Amazing Women in American History (1998, a question-and-answer book for kids). She has also ghost-written several books and published art reviews in Artforum, among other places. Drawing and body movement have always been at the center of her artwork, which has moved from body-size drawing to installation to performance back to body-size drawing. For years she has been photographing “found” still lifes on streets and in nature. As an editor, she has worked on a variety of books, ranging from feminist and sociological/psychological publications to how-to manuals and coffee table books. She currently serves as a managing editor for the art books published by University of California Press. Most of all, she enjoys the chances she has to play in classes by the dancer Anna Halprin, whose work has been a key influence.